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Blog > The Best Fake Tanning Tips for 2018

Published 7th June 2018

Summer is here, so it’s time to get those ghostly white pins out. If you’re longing for that sunkissed glow that’s not harmful to your skin then a sunless tan is the way to go.

We’re sure many of you know how to use a self-tanner, but if you don’t, or you want some tips and tricks to keep your skin looking glowier for longer then read on…

Hair Removal

If you are going to have a wax, of any sort, do this well BEFORE you apply the false tan, as waxing will only pull the product off. The same goes for shaving, you want your skin to be fresh and smooth before you start.

At PamperPad, we recommend doing this 24 hours before you apply a self-tanner,


You want to thoroughly exfoliate your skin at least 3 or 4 hours before you either get a spray tan or apply a self-tanner yourself. This ensures that dead skin cells have been removed and you will get a much smoother application.

Pick an exfoliator that is oil-free as otherwise the residue left on your skin will react with the tanner.

Remember to pay particular attention to knees, ankles and elbows, as these tend to be drier areas.


After removing any hair that you don’t want, and making sure you have doused yourself with an exfoliator, make sure you moisturise your elbows, ankles, heels, knees and hands (from the wrist to the fingertip) as your skin is more likely to pick up more of the tanner in these areas as they are commonly drier than other areas of your body.

If you are planning on using a self-tanner on your face, apply some moisturiser or lotion to your hairline and eyebrows, especially if you have fair or grey hair, as this will stop you from staining any hair a brassy tone.

When picking a moisturiser, make sure you avoid oils and fragrances.

Now the fun begins, tanning!

Use A Mitt

Not using a mitt will result in bright orange palms, which we can almost guarantee no one actually wants. You can pick these up from anywhere as little as £1 and they can be reused multiple times by washing them in warm water after use, or by using a very gentle soap on stubborn stains.

Sweeping Not Circular Motions

Use long sweeping motions as this will ensure you have spread the product evenly, as if you use circular rubbing motions you will end up with uneven coverage and some patchiness

Finding The Right Colour and Product For You

Sprays, mousses, gradual, oils. There are so many options, it can be quite daunting. To find one that you like, read our ‘Best Fake Tan’s of 2018’ article.

For those of you with pale skin, use a gradual tanner as they apply colourless and gradually build up, making for a more natural tan. However, if you are very fair, but have yellow undertones, try to avoid any self-tanners that have red undertones, as these will leave you looking orange.

Use The Excess

When applying your tan, pay attention to the parts of your body that tan quicker than the rest. For example, the inside of your arms don’t pick up a colour as quickly as the outside and this applies to self-tanning too. Apply the product to the mitt and start on the outside of your arms, and then use the excess product left on the mitt lightly wipe over the inside of your arm, to create the illusion of a natural tan

Avoid Your Pets.

We know, we know - it’s hard when they’re so damn cute! BUT, they can be attracted to the scent of the tan as they often contain DHA, which is a sugar that reacts to the oxygen and the amino acids in your skin. Essentially, keep away from your pooch until your tan is fully dry otherwise you may end up streaky as they will try and lick you.

It’ll be hard, but totally worth it!

Moisturise… Again.

This time you will want to moisturise your whole body after tanning (again, avoiding lotions that are oil-based as these will break down your tan quicker). Doing this will ensure you lock the colour in and keep your skin hydrated, so you look fresh and glowy all week and will avoid uneven fading and patchiness.

Exfoliate… Again.

Use a gentle exfoliator and apply every 3-5 days after you apply the self-tanner, as this will continue to remove the dead skin cells and will make sure that as your tan continues to fade, it is done evenly


To ensure your tan reaches its fullest potential, try to avoid hot water, so no steamy baths or showers for a while! When washing, use lukewarm water and try to avoid any harsh chemicals and soaps, use products that are designed for people with sensitive skin and are oil based, so make sure you check what’s in your bath bomb before you chuck it in!

Also avoid chlorine as this will break down your tan and you will step out of the pool looking a tad patchy.

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