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Service requests

Get the best price from PamperPad businesses who bid on your request

Looking to get a job done on a budget but you don't want to contact each of the businesses on PamperPad to find the best price? Let the businesses come to you by posting a request instead.

Register for a consumer account and post up to 3 service requests at any one time.

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Are you a customer? Get the best price by posting a service request

Before you can post a service request, you need to create a PamperPad consumer account. It only takes a minute and will enable you to track your post requests and any associated bids. You can register using your Facebook account.

Alternatively, you can create your account with us directly using your email address in the form below.

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Useful information

Only PamperPad businesses which match your submitted requirements will be allowed to respond.

Any businesses that respond to your request (described as bidders) should supply a cost and details of how they can provide the requested service. Each response is described as a bid. The location entered should be where you would like the service to be, or just your location (if not applicable). Willing travel distance allows you to specify in miles how far away the businesses are that you are willing to accept bids from.

You will receive an email to notify you of each bid submitted, and you can check on all bids received from your account dashboard. If you are happy with a particular bid and would like to go ahead, you should confirm this by accepting the bid from the requests area of your account dashboard. The business will be sent a confirmation email, and should contact you to arrange for the services to be provided as agreed.

Service requests are automatically archived 4 weeks after their creation date if a bid hasn't been accepted before then.


Bidding on a service request

Sorry, but in order to view more details about this service request and place a bid you must first become a premium business member on PamperPad. You can become a premium member for only £20 a month and your first month is free!

Register your business

PamperPad Premium account

Get the best exposure for your beauty, health, or event-related services with a business account on PamperPad, allowing you to be found by thousands of consumers searching the website.

A free account allows you to enter your address and telephone number so that anyone searching for your services in the local area can find your basic profile page and call.

A premium account provides many more ways to raise your profile and benefit your business (view example profile):

  • Always appear above basic accounts in PamperPad search results.
  • Enhanced profile – with image gallery and website link.
  • Receive enquiries or text messages directly through your profile page.
  • Post special offers for interested consumers near you.
  • Receive consumer reviews to attract new customers.
  • View detailed stats regarding your profile visitors, referrals and enquiries.
  • Bid on consumer service requests.