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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about PamperPad. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us.

Consumer questions

  • Q. What is PamperPad?
    A. PamperPad is a website where you can search for any pampering related service in your area and be presented with a list of local businesses offering that service. The great thing about PamperPad is that businesses can be rated by customers who have used their services, helping you to make your choice when visiting somewhere new. There are also special offers, deals, regular blog articles and more!
  • Q. What categories do you cover?
    A. There are many categories of pampering, beauty and health related services covered on PamperPad, all of which are listed at the top of the homepage. If your business offers services in a category which isn't yet showing on PamperPad, let us know and if it seems to be appropriate we'll add it to those we list.
  • Q. Is it businesses with salons/premises or mobiles on PamperPad, or both?
    A. Both! Visitors can filter their search results to show only one type of business or both (the default), depending upon whether they have a preference.
  • Q. Why are there no profiles in my area?
    A. If there are no business profiles in your area when you search the website, this is probably because the website has not been running long enough to attract the attention of businesses in that region. We are focusing on the major areas of London and Birmingham initially, aiming to get plenty of businesses aware of PamperPad and signed up in these locations first, before targeting other regions as we go. Of course we're happy for pampering businesses from any region of the UK to sign up as soon as possible, and if you know of a business that you think should be on the website then please direct them to us.
  • Q. How do I join PamperPad?
    A. Whether you'd like a consumer account or to sign up your business, simply go to the Register page, which is linked from the top right of the PamperPad homepage. Then follow the instructions for consumers or businesses as appropriate. You can even register using your social media account such as Facebook or Google+.
  • Q. Why have I been sent an email?
    A. If you have registered on the website as a consumer or business, PamperPad may email you for a few different reasons, such as to confirm your registration, let you reset your password, to inform you of new offers from local PamperPad businesses (if you have confirmed you are happy to receive these) and more. The email will always state clearly what it is about, and we'll never pass your details to anyone else.
  • Q. How do I cancel?
    A. We're not sure why you'd want to, but you're free to cancel your consumer or business account at any time, which will remove all your information from the PamperPad website. If you're sure you want to cancel, simply use the Remove my account option available from your account dashboard area.
  • Q. How can I get my blog on PamperPad?
    A. We're always interested in featuring articles from writers with knowledge of the topics related to categories of pampering on PamperPad. If you already write for your own blog, or even if you don't, you may be a suitable guest writer for PamperPad. Please note that we won't publish articles which have already been, or are going to be, published elsewhere, but if you'd like to write something special for us we'd love to hear from you. Please send your articles for review to Kate Lupton at and she will get back to you.

Business questions

  • Q. What is the difference between free and premium?
    A. A free business account on PamperPad provides you with a basic business profile page, allowing you to be found by visitors searching the website for your services. You can enter your business description, address, telephone number, upload an image and list your services. A premium PamperPad account involves a monthly fee of £20.00, but provides many more benefits for your business. You can add a link to your website from your PamperPad profile; receive text messages directly through your profile page; post special offers for interested consumers near you; view detailed stats about visits to your profile page and bid on requests for specific services from consumers. Premium businesses also appear above free profiles in PamperPad search results.
  • Q. How many profiles do you have?
    A. The number of business profiles on PamperPad is growing all the time. This may seem like increasing competition, but the more businesses on the website, the more people will be encouraged to visit, as word gets around. The more visitors to the site, the more potential customers for you, especially if you maintain your high standards and begin to get some good reviews on your profile page.
  • Q. What documents do I need to upload and why?
    A. We ask for proof of your identity, copies of qualifications and other certificates related to your business in order to ensure that you are the legitimate owner of the business being registered, and to make sure that your business complies with the necessary regulations, for the safety and reassurance of visitors to PamperPad: your potential customers. We may contact you in order to confirm certain details if we need any information not supplied initially.
  • Q. What does the dashboard mean?
    A. Your dashboard is the name given to the main page of your individual account area on PamperPad, because it has all the information and buttons needed to control your business profile on the website.
  • Q. Why can't I upload my photo?
    A. The most likely reasons for having difficulty uploading a photo are that either the photo is very large (the resolution and actual file size), and/or your internet connection is not working properly for some reason. We recommend checking the file size of the image you're trying to upload, and if it's very large see if you can reduce this before uploading again. The best way to reduce file size is to reduce the overall resolution of the photo in an image editing application. There are hundreds of these available for free from the web, but even Microsoft Paint (free with Windows) will let you do this.
  • Q. Will my website be on the first page of Google?
    A. We can't promise that your website will reach the top of Google search results, but a PamperPad business profile will definitely help new customers to find you, and can help you to keep existing customers updated about your services. The ever-growing number of PamperPad visitors will be able to find your profile, if you're in their local area. Any quality links to your website will help your website's Google ranking a little, and so having a premium PamperPad profile with a link to your website will certainly be an extra benefit.
  • Q. Where is my Welcome pack?
    A. You should receive your Welcome pack within a couple of weeks of being accepted for a premium PamperPad business account. Please wait for at least three weeks before letting us know if your pack doesn't seem to have arrived, as there can be various reasons why it may have been held up on its way to you.
  • Q. Can you help me write my content?
    A. We can't write your business description or services text for you, but here are a few tips. It's important to keep things simple. Focus on what you do well, how much experience you or your staff have in providing your main services, and anything special which may help you to stand out from the crowd. It may help to view the profiles of some other businesses offering similar services, but make sure you don't copy any text directly from another business. Write your text on your computer first if at all possible, and spell-check everything so that you give the best possible impression to any visitors that view your profile page.