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Blog > The Best Fake Tans On The Market: The 2018 Update

Published 30th April 2018

Summer is now rapidly approaching after what felt like an eternal winter, and so has the fake tan season. Gone are the days of pale legs poking out of shorts and dresses, so catch up on the latest and best self-tanning products on the market.

To kick things off, We have a list of the top 5 fake tans for the body on the market right now.

5. SKINNY TAN Tan and Tone Oil £21.99 for 145ml (LookFantastic)

This fool-proof formula adds moisture to the skin, whilst also delivering a medium tan, that looks and feels hydrated. The silky smooth formula is packed full of organic oils as well as a natural tanning agent, that work together to visibly firm the skin and leave a youthful appearance.

To achieve the desired effect, the product has be to applied daily for three days, making it not as convenient as other tanners, as well as being a thin consistency meaning it makes a bit of mess. But it’s nothing a towel on the bathroom floor can’t fix.

4. Ambre Solaire No Streaks Self Tan Body Mist £10.99 for 150ml (Superdrug)

This dry body mist is perfect for those who want a natural looking tan, and the mist ensures that it remains streak free without having to rub any of the product in and is enriched with apricot extract.

This is perfect for budget-friendly tanners and can be grabbed on the high street, making it more convenient for the working guys and gals.

3. Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush £52 for 200ml (LookFantastic)

This fake tan uses a super fine mist that will give your skin an immediate long lasting glow, that is even all over. Enriched with aloe vera, coconut oil and a gardenia scent, so you are left ‘looking, feeling and smelling fabulous.’

To avoid having to clean up after yourself, it is advised that this product is used in the shower cubicle, or to cover the floor immediately around you.

It's not cheap, and it’s not convenient, but the results are stunning.

2. Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tan Oil £14.99 for 150ml (Bondi Sands)

Infused with the scent of coconut and argan oil for hydration, this dry oil develops over 2-3 hours and lasts for up to a week.

We love this tan as it is perfect for Novices and Time-Rushed Tanners

1. Madame La La Self Tan Mousse £30 for 200ml (Madame La La)

This fake tan promises an ‘instant LA glow, that develops into an even deep color in 3 hours.’

The lightweight tinted moisturiser has innovative colour customising technology, which ensures your tan will look natural whilst adapting to your natural skin tone.

It dries quickly, yet long enough for you to blend it into the skin and fades evenly with a natural colour. These reasons (and the relatively affordable price tag) make this our number one fake tan for the body

Now, you can’t just tan your body and not your face, because who really wants to wear a full face of makeup in the summer so your skin tones match up? To rectify this, apply a specialist facial tan to make sure you don’t have any tell-tale signs that your new tan isn’t completely real!

5. St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil £18 for 30ml (Beauty Bay)

Perfect for a streak free tan that lasts for up to five days, and leaves a radiant dewy glow. The St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil is infused with delicate fragrances and essential oils including Lemon Balm, Grapefruit and Neroli, to ensure there is no biscuity smell left behind.

This product leaves a subtle and natural glow, perfect for those with a more pale complexion. For this product to be ranked higher on our list it would need to come in different shades to cater for a majority, not a minority

4. James Read Sleep Mask Tan £25 for 50ml (LookFantastic)

This fast drying formula is also colourless, meaning it is perfect for not transferring onto bedding and clothing. Apply a thin layer to the face and neck and ensure you blend it out evenly, not forgetting the hair line.

Try to avoid water for 8 hours after application, so unfortunately if your eyes water a lot when you yawn, this product isn’t for you.

The colourless formula would put this product high up on our rankings, as no one wants to wake up and find their pristine white pillowcases stained orange. However, to avoid water for 8 hours after application is a little tricky. What if your eyes water in the night? What if you need to brush your teeth? What if you have to get up and shower but it’s only been 6 and a half hours?

3. ESPA Naturally Radiant Gradual Tan Face Serum £25 for 15ml (ESPA Skincare)

For a subtle glow, mix 1-2 pumps into your daily moisturiser and apply to your face or neck.

Or, for a more intense ‘two week in the Caribbean’ look, apply 2-3 pumps undiluted. Just remember for it to dry before applying makeup!

A little goes a long way with this product, and it doesnt mix with other skincare items you may be trying to apply. The undertones of this product work well with anyone from pale cool toned skin to olive tones meaning it is one of the more universal products in this list.

It would be higher on the list , but the top 3 were all close contenders, so this has been pushed down due to price point.

2. Lancôme Flash Bronzer Face Gel £26 for 50ml (Boots)

For a face that looks natural and radiant in a matter of hours, apply a small amount of this nourishing gel to the forehead, nose, cheeks and neck and blend evenly.

The gel formula is moisturising and isn’t sticky, meaning its a quick and easy tanning fix.

1.UTAN and Tone Coconut Facial Tanning Water - £18 for 100ml (LookFantastic)

For a lightweight tanning water that gradually develops over 4-6 hours, look no further.

Use alone before bed, worn as a primer before makeup or even after makeup as a setting spray!

The quick-drying spray and non-offensive smell are some of the reasons why people keep going back to this product, as well as it being perfect for people with different skin types. Oily skin works well with this product which surprised many as they are used to having a facial tan not stick on their face.