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Threading in Hair Removal

What is threading?

Threading is an old, traditional method of removing hair using cotton string. It originated from Eastern countries such as Egypt, and India but has recently become very popular in the United Kingdom. Threading lasts for around 6 weeks, and is only done on areas of the face.

How is threading done?

The therapist will pull a cotton string along the area with the unwanted hair in a twisting motion. This traps the hair in the cotton string and pulls the hair out of the follicle. Threading is an extremely quick treatment and only needs to be maintained around every 6 weeks.

What are the advantages of having threading?

Threading is a sanitary way of removing unwanted hair, the only thing that touches your face is the string itself, which is disposed of after each use.

Threading is extremely precise, which is perfect on areas such as eyebrows. If you choose to have your eyebrows threaded you can be sure that you can have the shape that you desire.

When having any part of your face threaded, no chemicals are applied to your skin, which is obviously far more kind to your skin than some other methods.

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