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This page provides information about the 'Perron rigot' brand that some of our members either use or sell.

Perron rigot

Perron rigot

Perron Rigot is a French renowned manufacturer of depilatory waxes used by beauticians and beauty salons around the world.

The waxing is the first beauty. Because it is natural, skin-friendly and precedes or prepares many other treatments.

It is a demanding art that requires waxes quality and real craftsmanship. For best results, the beauty professionals will find in our catalog of over 500 references:

all depilatory waxes - traditional or avant-garde, with or without stripes - adapted to the removal of all parts of the body and face;

the best choice of devices to wax hair removal products and pre-and post-waxing care accessories.

a selection of beauty of the face and body, consumables and equipment cabin.

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