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Welivere Aesthetics Clinic & Skin Spa

I have been a Nurse all my career for 30+ years now, I have a degree as Nurse Practitioner with some post graduate work n Dermatology.

I still work in General Practice, working with a lot of skin conditions.

I was introduced to Facial Aesthetics 7 and a half years now and have found a field of Nursing that I have developed a passion for.

This work is an opportunity to help people on a different level to my usual Nursing work.

The time spent withclients is special to them. My consultations and treatment areas are a dedicated space in my home, providing a clinical but tranquil, relaxing environment to discuss treatments and your individualised options for your needs.

Clients leave relaxed and uplifted following their appointments.

I offer free consultations, and can introduce you to a wide range of advanced skin care and treatments, which include:-

Botox, and Hyaluronic Acid Dermal fillers,

Dermalux LED Light therapy for advanced anti-aging, PDO Beauty Thread Lift,

Derma roller, microneedling

Mesotherapy mlti injection treatments into the skin

Facials, Gentle skin Peels to tackle a range of skin issues.

I carry Advanced skin care ranges, researcged and developed by Dermatologists which care for a range of skin conditions, and ageing issues.

I am also now a Reviv Express Clinic providing I.V. Vitamins and injections which provide a detox, hydrate, energise and glow!

Megaboost Vitaglow Ultraviv Royal Flush

These treatments hydrate, detox, relieve stress on the body.

Great for Jet lag, hectic lifestyles (hangovers)

Feel free to text or email any questions you may have.

If you and a few friends want to find out more abut Aesthetic treatments, I can hold a Presentation Evening for 4 or more people either here at Welivere or in your own home

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Welivere Aesthetics Clinic & Skin Spa

142 West Drive, Cleveleys, Lancashire, FY5 2eg

Opening hours

  • Monday - Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 3:00-6:30
  • Thursday 9:00-8:00
  • Friday 9:00-6:30
  • Saturday 10:00-1:30
  • Sunday Closed

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  • Cosmetic Treatments (2)

    • Lip Plumping
      30 mins
      Lips are numbed with Lidocaine cream, cleansed thoroughlybefore injecting. Dental block can be given if wanted. Initially the lips will be more swollen than they are going to be, this goes down over approximately 3 days
    • 3 Point or 8 Point Face Lift
      1 hr
      Certain point on the face specifically enhance attractiveness, known as areas of beautification, these include cheek bones, jaw line, moouth area. Hyaluronic acid Filler replaces lost volume and projection of these areas. Once more ligh can bounce off the face and create attractive hollows, shading and definition
  • Spas (5)

    • Dermalux LED Light Therapy
      1 hr
      Positive effects from part of the spectrum of natural light. Blue, Red and Near-Infrared, stimulate positive responses in your skin 3 evidence based wavelengths. Thia treatments is a very relaxing double cleanse, serum, 20mins of light therapy, and moisturise product. Improve the structure of your skin, firmer skin, reduced inflammation and healing of eczema, psoriasi, skin breakouts because of rduction of skin bacteria. rejuvenated, vibrant skin. Add a genle peel or a face mask for additional £30
    • Facial Peel
      30 mins
      Light gentle facial peels to stimulate, refresh and rejuvenate the skin. Skin assessment crried out to match the peel for you. Includes, Blueberry Peel with Blueberry Mask, Pumpkin Peel and Epionce range
    • Botox & Dermal Fillers
      1 hr
      Injectable treatments to stop wrinkling. Plump crepey skin or wrinkle. Filler range from mesotherapy and Hyaluronic acid fillers for skin boosting, Lip filler for gentle subtle enhancement, volunising products to enhance cheeks, replace loss of projection, and provide slight lift
    • Lip Plumping
      30 mins
      Lips are numbed with Lidocaine cream, cleansed thoroughlybefore injecting. Dental block can be given if wanted. Initially the lips will be more swollen than they are going to be, this goes down over approximately 3 days
    • PDO Beauty Theadlift
      1 hr 30 mins
      PDO Threadlift is the injecting of very fine dissolvable synthetic threads, very superficially into the skin to help trigger new collagen production. This can be don eon any area of the body where skin is becoming lax and drooping, but is most popular along kawline, the neck and round the eyes, also above the lip where pucker lines are created. Prices start from £300 and include 2 treatments of mesotherapy, and 2 dermalux treatments, to enhance and boost the effects of thread placement. Get 10% off your next Aesthetic treatment following your PDO Threadlift
  • Wellbeing (1)

    • Reviv Intravenous vitamins for wellness and for recovery
      1 hr
      Medical assessment to detrmine fit for treatment age limit 65yrss. placement of I.V. cannula into arm. Infusion of 250ml or 1litre of I.V. fluid with range of options of vitamins and antioxidant. 2 recovery infusions containin anti-nausea, antu-inflammatory meds for recovery from stress, viral illness, aches, pains / hangovers!!. 2 wellness infusions. All hydrate, detox, instant delivery of vital antioxidants and vitamins. Energise, feel wee, detox, skin glow


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  • BSc(hons) Nurse Practitioner with RCN Higher Award
  • MSc module in Dermatology in Clinical Practice
  • MSc module in Cardiology in General Practice
  • Aesthetic Practitioner Certificate
  • Independant Nurse Prescriber
  • Advance Techniques in Botox and Dermal Fillers
  • PDO Beauty Threadlift certificate
  • Mesotherapy Certificate of Training
  • Mesotherapy Certificate of Training

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