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Pure & Simple Beauty Clinic

We offer following range of treatments and Beauty Care for all the clients to take full advantage of our award winning Pure & Simple Beauty Clinic Dermapen Treatment, Intensed Pulse Laser Hair Removal, Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hollywood Massage, Bollywood Massage, Brazilian Massage, Indian Head Massage, Aroma Therapy Massage, Thumper Massage, Pedicure and Manicure, Green Peel, Aha Fruit Gel Peel, Omnilux Blue and Red Light Treatments, Holistic & Basalt Therapy, Oxy Peel Therapy, Epil Pro, Hopi Ear Candle, Micro Dermabrasion, Waxing, Paraffin Waxing Treatments, Reiki Healing, Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique, Threading, Cathiodermite Facial Brow and Lash Tint Treatments, Ultra-Visage TM-The Results/Face Lift, Thavma ‘Miracle ‘Therapy, Juliette Armand Therapy, New Chronos ‘Time’ Therapy, Opsis ‘Look’ Therapy (Skin Boosters), Renewed Caviar Therapy (Elements) and Apocalypsis Therapy.



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Pure & Simple Beauty Clinic

Based in Leicester, Leicestershire.

Operating hours

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday - Friday 10:30-17:00
  • Saturday 10:30-16:30
  • Sunday Closed

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  • Cosmetic Treatments (7)

    • Apocalypsis Therapy
      You don’t have to resort to chemical peeling your appointment with plastic surgery is postponed…. Apocalypsis Therapy is a medium “chemical peeling” therapy and a rapid skin cell rejuvenation therapy at the same time. It is based on combined exfoliation-rejuvenation effects of SPONGILLA LACUSTRIS, SPONGILLLA FRAGILIS (LEIDY), EPHYDATIA FLUVIATILIS, herbs with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) in concentrations up to 40% and a ph of 2.5. This combination multiplies the efficacy of our intervention to wrinkles, dyschromias, scars and spots.
    • Dermapen
    • Opsis Therapy
      Opsis Therapy is a specific eye contour therapy that deters the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. Opsis is based on the high end Antitox technology which is a strong cocktail of antioxidants which prevent irritation, prevents aging and also treats dark circles and swellings around the eye.
    • Chronos Therapy
      Chronos Therapy is the treatment that repairs the marks that time leaves on the skin. This therapy acts as a shield to the skin. Chronos uses cutting edge 3 dimensional combat of ageing – hydra system, anti-aging system and antioxidant system. This therapy provides deep skin hydration and is used to treat age spots on the skin.
    • Thavma Therapy
      Thavma Therapy is the latest <<Miracle>> of Cosmetology, which “erases” wrinkles of expression with the use of surgical invention. It is based on the EFFECTOX technology that inhibit the mechanism that is responsible for the creation of expression lines and wrinkles. Thavma Therapy also prevents from the main types of ageing (biological aging & photo-aging).
    • Ultra Visage TM
      To achieve the best results, ULTRA VISAGE TM requires a course of 10 to 12 treatments with on average two facials a week with last up to an hour. The course should be repeated once or twice a year and one maintenance treatment per month is recommended in between courses. Lift and tone the muscles in the face and neck, breast and upper arms Softens lines and wrinkles Improves the circulation Safe, painless and extremely effective Helps restore elasticity in ageing skin Helps delay the ageing process Micro-current can shorten or relax the muscle fibres, there by lifting sagging arears of the Jaw, neck and face reducing and smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles
    • Microdermabrasion
      Beauty Peeling is a dedicated skin treatment that cleanses, softens and improves cellular regeneration. To ensure that the Skin is completely cleansed, the dead skin cells are gently removed with the use of “Beauty Peeling”. A real dynamic peeling for a totally refreshed skin An immediate “Lifting” and improvement to skin tone Ideal for preparing the skin before other beauty treatments Improves scarring and pigmentation See the difference from the very first treatment Improves skin tone and elasticity Reduces imperfections Leaves skin smooth and refreshed
  • Hair Removal (1)

    • Permanent Hair Removal
      Flash out hair removal using Advanced Laser Technology system. Flash out unwanted hair in seconds, permanently, safely, non-invasively, quickly, and relatively without pain. A system more advanced than laser. The light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and the hair shaft. It is then transmitted along the length of the hair to disrupt the follicle and destroy the hair.
  • Massages (1)

    • Holistic Treatment / Basalt Stone Treatment
      The original hot and cold stone treatment warmed volcanic rocks and subtly cooled marble stones massage away life tensions and draw you into a truly deep state of meditative relaxation like you never experienced before.
  • Wellbeing (1)

    • Hopi Ear Candles
      Hopi Ear Candles treatment induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and a balance of pressure in the ear, forehead and sinuses. Ear candles have a purely physical function. A light suction action (chimney effect) and the movement of the flame create a vibration of air in the Ear candle, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum. It is soothing and helpful for earache and headache, ear noise, stress and nervousness. Treatment may also spontaneously cause freer nasal breathing and an improved sense of smell, even when the nose was blocked before treatment.


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