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Blog > 3 Beauty Hacks to See You Through Autumn

Published 14th September 2020

The nights are beginning to draw in, which means Autumn is right around the corner.

It is one of the most beautiful times of the year, but as we all know, the dry air can have cause havoc with our beauty regimes, resulting in troublesome problems like dry skin, cracked lips, and brittle hair.

So, to help you to take back control from Mother Nature, we've put together our top three beauty hacks to keep you looking fresh and healthy.

Update your skincare routine

Summer is officially over, and the air is already beginning to get cooler, leave us feeling anxious about our skin. As the colder air holds less moisture, our skin can start to feel dry and dehydrated, and it can even make fine lines and wrinkles more visible.

What can you do? Counteract it by investing in a good moisturiser that can boost hydration and combat those harsh, drying winter gale-force winds.

Keep in mind that just like you wouldn't wear the same clothes during the warmer months as you would in colder ones, you also don't want to be using the same skincare products. Your moisturiser in the Autumn should be much thicker than one you'd use during the summer as it will need to work harder to re-energise the skin cells to attain a gorgeous rosy glow.

Also, make sure to gently blend the cream under spots you may forget about that are more prone to damage, such as under the length of your eyes and over your eyelids.

Exfoliate and protect lips

Chapped or cracked lips are a common and frustrating problem to face in the colder months, and they can be pretty impossible to ignore.

You'll want to do everything you can to keep them soft and supple, so remember to get into the habit of applying a generous coating of your favourite lip balm before heading to bed or in the morning. Olive oil or almond oil can also work wonders if you are searching for a more natural solution.

However, if you're after an overnight solution for painful lips, try opening up a vitamin E capsule and put a little bit of the gel right on the problem spots or on the corners of your mouth. This will remove a lot of the irritation and the flaky skin that can build up throughout the day.

As an added tip, you could also consider putting a humidifier in your bedroom as this can help to restore the moisture in the air while you sleep.

Don't let your nails dry out

When your hands are exposed to the cold and harsher elements, they can be particularly susceptible to drying out.

Gloves are a simple measure to prevent damage to your hands, but we know it's not possible to wear them 24/7. Instead, use the beginning of Autumn as a time to upgrade your manicure regime to prevent cuticles cracking, nails breaking, or chips in your nail polish.

Most beauty salons offer paraffin wax as a simple add-on to your standard manicure or pedicure. This is a great product that will soften rough skin while creating a protective layer over your hands that keeps moisture from escaping.

You'll also want to apply cuticle oil daily to your nails. Carefully massage the oil in, and you'll soon notice that you have healthier and stronger nails.

Looking to book in for a manicure? Or need some advice on how to upgrade your skincare routine for Winter? PamperPad can help you to find a highly rated beauty therapist near you and book in today.