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Published 20th September 2016

Makeup is a thing that most women must apply before stepping out. Initially, makeup was simply a dash of powder on the face, but now, it’s more than that. Now women spend so much time applying makeup alone. It has now become a hectic and time consuming part of women’s routine. There is the lipstick, so many different kinds of foundation etc. Then what if you could step out just after a quick face wash? Imagine waking up in the morning and you are looking beautiful still? Oh yes, it is possible through permanent make up. Permanent makeup is basically a form of tattooing, applied to make it look like you are wearing a makeup. It is the process of injecting permanent ink into the top layer of the skin with the use of a tattoo pen. Anesthetic is applied always to numb the skin area. The procedure lasts for about 30 – 120 minutes. At first, the area becomes either brighter or darker. It fades over time.

Types of permanent makeup

Permanent makeup can be applied depending on the option that suits you. The different options include:

1. Eyebrow (Microblading and Solid fill)

2. Lip liner, top and bottom lips

3. Lip color and blend

4. Eyelash enhancement

5. Scar camouflage

6. Eyeliner etc.

Do you want that perfect eyebrow? Have they stopped growing? Do you have gaps in your eyebrow? Do you want to see full brows every time you look in the mirror? Then you are in the right place. Microblading and solid fill are two permanent makeup services offered. They are eyebrow tattooing techniques. Since eyebrows are very important facial features, they are areas that must be perfect for you to look beautiful.

Solid fill is an earlier method that involves implanting pigments with a machine into your eyebrows. This machine continually fills the pigment into the skin. The result from this method is unnatural and obvious.

Microblading on the other hand is a new method. It doesn’t involve the use of machine. Fine and thin rows of needles are used to create marks that look like eyebrows on the skin. The hair produced looks crispy. The result produced by this method looks very real.