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Blog > Tan in a Can! Top 10 tanning products

Published 18th August 2016

Tanning is an amazing way to get that cherished golden glow on our skin or get sunburned … depending on whether it's done right or wrong. While tanning by the beach is advisable, it's also worth putting out there that too much exposure to Ultraviolet rays (rays from the sun) can cause sunburns and subsequently skin cancer. So is there an alternative to the much coveted golden glow? Yes! science, please.

Instead of spending hours under the sun, not to mention money spent on sunscreens, you can tan with a can instead. While this is the new rave in the cosmetic world, it can be pretty confusing to choose the right products (no thanks to so many manufacturers) we've come up with a list of the best ten “tan in a can” products available in the UK.

10) Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived, £5

Some people are hardy fake tanners but some of us like to take it slow, and this product provides a gradual tan. This daily lotion not only conditions and rehydrates parched skin, it also leaves a subtle, healthy glow in its wake. Use it every day to build up to the colour that you want and then every other day to maintain the shade.


This product is just the perfect choice for when you only need to tan the bits of you on "show". This blurring tan has the effect of a BB cream, so it'll smooth any imperfections while adding a sunkissed glow at least until you hit the shower.

8) L'Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Elixir, £15.99

This silky elixir leaves your limbs feeling unbelievably smooth. A light swipe over skin gives an instant healthy, radiant glow. Plus, it dries quickly with no streaking, fades evenly and is quite affordable. Great product.


This completely liquid tan is great for beginners. The watery texture makes it easier to blend and as it goes on with a tint, you can see exactly where you've applied it. The best part is it doesn't get cakey around your knees and elbows.


If you've got pale, dry and flakey limbs then this consider this your all-in-one beautifier. It'll smooth the skin, moisturize dry patches while giving you that a golden glow in as little as an hour. This is why I love science, life is so much easier with science.

5) Tan-Luxe Illuminating Serum Self Tan Facial Drops, £31

This is and should be the obvious choice for people with very pale skin. Add a few drops of this formula to your normal moisturizer – either in the morning or at night – and it will impart a very subtle, buildable glow. You can be as light as you like with your application.

4) James Read Tantour Sculpting Duo, £35

The name James Read is enough to say we're sold. Seeing as he's become quite the fashion figure. Using this bronzer daily will gradually deepen the shade giving a contoured finish. The best part is, over time you'd find your skin tanned without slapping on any products.


The time frame sounds rather too good to be true, but quite frankly, this product is pretty immovable seeing as it has no tell-tale smell , beautiful creamy texture, and a deep natural colour. It's the perfect choice of tan in a can before a holiday or for people who have no time to touch up.


Simply shake well and spray for an all over tan . This product is ideal for hard-to-reach places like the backs of your legs and seeing as it's a spray tan, it makes it much easier to apply evenly. It has a lovely, light coconut scent and lasts beautifully.

1) Xen-Tan Transformation Ultra, £49.99

This clever product might be expensive but it's worth every penny. Xen Tan goes on clear and develops in as little as an hour.

HOW TO USE: Allow it 45-minutes before rinsing for a light, golden tan.

Leave it to develop for a full 3-hours if you’re after a deeper, richer colour.

Xen-Tan has plenty of peptides that boost collagen production to strengthen and condition the skin.